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My name is Angie Harris

I am delighted to have the opportunity to connect with you and be a part of your journey towards healing and transformation.

My ultimate goal is to support people in living a life filled with fulfillment and joy, empowering them to access their own inner wisdom and spiritual power. Whether you are at the beginning of your healing journey or seeking to deepen your spiritual connection, I am here to offer guidance and unwavering support.

I warmly welcome you to this transformative journey of healing and self-discovery.


Chakra Balancing & Clearing




Spiritually Minded Women's Community focused on Healing, Spiritual Growth, & Soul Alignment.





Angie's Books!

Angie's books share her personal journey of healing from childhood trauma, breaking free from religious beliefs, and rediscovering spiritual gifts. With heartfelt and introspective writing, she offers valuable insights, practical tools, and inspiration for others on their own healing and spiritual growth paths. Her compassionate words resonate deeply, providing solace and empowerment to those seeking transformation.

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Peter E.

Angie was absolutely fantastic. Hit the issues spot on. Her intuition and ability to hone in on the difficult and hidden underlying problems is a very great asset. We did a video via zoom and the distance between us (several thousands of miles/kilometres) did not hinder the meeting. Thanks Angie :) 

Lisa E.  (Therapist)

I completed the 15 day challenge and highly recommend this program. You do learn about meditation but it is much more. Bottom line you learn about yourself. Angie creates a safe environment to explore our own fears and barriers but, most importantly, you learn how to live an abundant life manifesting what is truly yours to have. Angie's journal prompts lead you to think deeply and meditations provides further direction on your change journey. This is not about doing it"right." You just have to take a step, Angie spiritually grabs your hand to walk this initial journey together.

Teresa J. (Coach)

Angie Harris I just want to say THANK YOU! God spoke directly to me through you during your live a few weeks ago. Not sure if you remember, but you said you were hearing that something huge was being birthed me. You told me to get away alone in nature and listen and write my thoughts and dreams etc. I was very discouraged at the time holding on by a thread. Doubting myself and questioning my journey. But through you God renewed my dream! And girl…. Who knew just a couple weeks later it’s HAPPENING!!!!!!

Thank you! You truly are a beautiful soul!

Valerie L. (Therapist)

I saw Angie's videos on TikTok and was so impressed with her strong intuitive abilities that I booked a 60 minute session with her through her website. I was looking for guidance concerning financial issues concerning my business. She absolutely was able to tune into my higher self and my guides to help me find answers to move forward. She is gifted not only intuitively, but also is very practical in her guidance. Hands down the best help of this kind that I have ever received. Do yourself a favor and book with her. You'll be so glad you did.

Angela (Coach)

Before my partner had a session with Angie, I was feeling really lost and confused about our relationship problems both energetically/spiritually and within our relationship dynamic. She shined a light on a lot of the things we couldn't see and that another psychic had missed and left out. I know that my partner left feeling more empowered than ever to take decisive action on his part and I left feeling empowered in my own ways and to dive into even deeper healing! Angie is VERY intuitive and compassionate! She is a great space holder and excellent at finding what needs to come to the surface. I would definitely recommend her to anyone feeling lost or like the need insight into their healing or relationship! 

Jennifer J. (Coach)

Angie has been coaching me for several months and I always look forward to our meetings. She has a gift for understanding and guiding me. She is very intuitive and friendly. I highly recommend her!

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